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How To Choose The Best Real Estate Agent To Represent You

July 29 2017 , Written by Austin Published on #Real Estate

For starters, it is vital to know that not all real estate agents and brokers are REALTORS®. Regardless that the name REALTOR® has grown to be synonymous with real estate broker, it actually identifies a real estate professional that's involved with the National Association of REALTORS and also has agreed to live by their code of ethics as well as be governed from the National Association of REALTORS®. Visit http://www.irealtor.us

Besides the incredible arsenal of resources out there to REALTORS® to help them serve you that non-REALTORS® simply haven't got, you have the protection no matter what the code of ethics in addition to a grievance, or complaint process, if your agent doesn't live up to those standards.

Not all real estate agents are created equal however. When opting for a REALTOR® simply not only pick someone because they are a pal, neighbor or relative... treat the method like you would should you be purchasing a doctor. When you needed brain surgery can you go to uncle Bob the dermatologist just because he's related? No. Well, REALTORS® have their specialties too; different markets, price ranges, varieties of property, etc. Select an agent that focuses on, and has experience in, the type of house, area and price ranges you're serious about understanding that has that you can buy data and resources offered to them that may help you make an informed decision.

The REALTORS® website is a good method to start out as which may give you a chance to learn about their company, get an idea for his or her "style" and decide if their site makes it simple for you to look for homes, find that you can purchase data and info you're searching for or not.

Good things to know about San Jose CA Real Estate Agents would include:

    What will your agency relationship be? This varies by state, but usually if you are a buyer you need a representative to fully work for you being a buyers agent and never being a transaction agent, sellers agent or dual agent. If you are a seller you want the agent working for you to be the sellers agent.

    Do you see any fees that you just might be charged other than the commission charged to your account if you're a seller? Several different businesses today have transactions fees charged to buyers and/or sellers from around $200 as much as $500 or more.

    If they're full-time as well as what their background and experience are. I'm not saying all part-time agents are bad, though when the price to you is identical, what are the reasons you possibly need to settle for "part-time" representation after you could have full-time representation? Also, it's good to understand how long they have been within the profession, what their background is, etc. to assure they've the knowledge both you and your transaction will require.

There's more, though this is a good start. Finally, when selecting a real estate agent, you need to be sure your personalities mesh and that you feel you'll enjoy working on the person. Buying or selling a home might be stressful enough by itself, the very last thing you want is to add more friction into it as a result of the personality clash along with your REALTOR®.


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